The story of a photographer

I’ve always had somewhat a love for photography because I’ve always owned a camera. My first ones were the original Polaroid instant camera, the sticker Polaroid camera that made your picture into mini stickers, and a few film cameras. I remember one of my pictures I got developed into a panorama print from a family gathering, which still hangs on the wall this very day at my parents house. As I got older to work, had a chance to work in the photo department at one of my jobs where I learned a bit about how to process the film.

However, it wasn’t up until almost 3 years ago that I owned my very first DSLR. I took a picture of my niece and nephews horse, Kato. Decided to give editing a try, so I opened Lightroom up and loved the results!! Since I’ve re-established my love for the art of photography.

Victoria Johnson